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Player 1 side. Cat for scale.
  • 60 in 1 retro cocktail arcade barrel custom hand painted

    Step back in time with our 60 in 1 retro arcade barrel custom hand painted to perfection. Each barrel is meticulously sanded down, professionally stained, and coated in polyurethane for a gorgeous finish that will last through endless hours of gaming. But what really sets our arcade barrel apart is the custom laser engraving we offer to match your favorite classic game, whether it's Donkey Kong, Pac Man, or Burger Time. Our attention to detail is unmatched, so compare our quality to others online and see why our custom hand-painted arcade barrels are the perfect addition to any game room or man cave. Bring the nostalgia of the arcade home with this timeless and unique piece.
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      Prefer a grey rustic barrel with patinad hoops? Save $400!

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