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We craft 5, 10, 15, 30 and 53 Gallon barrels, with minimum 1 year air seasoned oak.
Due to 
exorbitant cost increases of white oak and the artificial scarcity caused by the mass purchases of oak over the past year, our supply is extremely limited. Our cost of oak has quintupled since 2021. Please call for prices. (708) 623 4700


Crozehead barrels are exceptional barrels. We don't mean to boast. However, we take time that some others do not. Our coopers are trained in the ancient craft of tight coopering and upon request can make you a barrel by hand. We feel that being coopers true in name and craft, gives us an insight that other lack. We adhere to time honored traditions of coopering, such as a true slow toast to ensure natural sugars are drawn out of the staves prior to charring in order to create as complex a palate as possible. We never use artificial accelerants, only oak for toasting and charring. We never use paraffin or other types of non-organic sealants, only natural reed and organic bees wax at our croze. 

We are looking to partner with artisan distillers of like mind who truly care that their spirit is among the most coveted by their consumer.

Slainte, Skøl, Prost, Cheers, L'Chaim, Na Zdrowie, Salud!

-Loren Buchmeier

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